Friday, October 12, 2018

[Post-Drama Interview] Actor Jang Seung Jo talks about playing a bright character for the first time with 'Familiar Wife'

In the past, the actor played many heavy roles and villainous roles but with this drama, the character was pleasant and radiated bright energy and received a lot of love. The actor said, "It was my first time playing a bright character like this. To be honest, I wanted to try playing one. After the drama, I developed a sense of challenge. I thought, 'Won't I be able to play a more "up"/"energetic" character?' I was grateful that I was able to show the viewers this side of me with this drama and it was enjoyable." 

The interviewer then brought up how his wife Lina (from CSJH the Grace #throwback) and his acquaintances would ask if he was even acting because he's so similar to the character. Jang Seung Jo said, "My wife watched and said, "It's oppa". (laughs) But then there's also people who watched and thought it was unfamiliar. Anyways, I'm thankful that it was an environment where I can show a form of myself to a certain degree. While I was acting, I liked it because there were points where I thought, 'Ah, I can express it like that'." 

1. [+772, -3] He's handsome

2. [+424, -1] Writers, please give him a lot of bright roles... Please stop always casting him as the villain...

3. [+320, -6] One of the few actors who's handsome and good at acting 

4. [+196, -3 ] Boo Chun-ah, good job (t/n: This is his character from the drama 'Money Flower')

5. [+190, -1] It was a drama I watched because Han Ji Min came out but I'm happy that interviews with Jang Seung Jo, Cha Hak Yeon, and the KCU bank employees are showing up on the main page of Naver   

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