Tuesday, October 23, 2018

National petition regarding Gangseo PC room murder case exceeds one million signatures

1. [+20077, -209] It's a case where the national petition exceeded 1 million signatures but the National Assembly aren't showing any interest but then you're saying you're going to respect the nation's will? ㅉㅉ 
↪ [+938, -50] They don't care about anything but North Korea

2. [+8138, -76] Someone treasured and raised their son until they were 20 but two crazy loser brother bastards killed him painfully and cruelly. And then later, shamelessly, one says they don't care and the other indifferently says he'll receive his punishment, how do we have to kill these rude bastards for us to be relieve our emotions??

3. [+7563, -199] Execute the main culprit Kim Sung Soo and the accomplice younger brother can be imprisoned for 20 years 

4. [+5137, -93] Can the Blue House's Ministry of Justice of the National Assembly not hear the voices of the nation's people? At a young age, where the flower wasn't even able to bloom, he was murdered by Kim Sung Soo - Please execute that heinous criminal 

5. [+4619, -1018] Reveal the identity of Kim Sung Soo's parents too, we should shame them!!! A pitiful and precious youth died unfairly and sadly~~ 

6. [+3212, -21] If the younger brother didn't hold onto the victim from the back, then the victim wouldn't have died like that. The suspect and the victim had a height difference of around 20cm and the reason he was able to attack his face was because the brother was holding onto the victim. I don't understand why they are just trying to cover it up and not bringing charges against the younger brother. Please don't just say you're reinvestigating and do your work properly!!!