Sunday, January 6, 2019

Two Years with ddoboja ♡

Hello everyone! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
I hope you're all doing well and the new year is starting off good for you~  

I'm so happy to announce that today (January 6) marks my second anniversary of running this blog!
2 whole years of running ddoboja

I started this blog in 2017 and my very first post was about Jung Joon Young coming back to 1N2D
At the start of this blog, I was a bit lost at what I wanted to do and I basically covered anything about the Korean entertainment industry (yes, even KPOP LOLOL) and then I slowly started focusing solely on Korean dramas and variety shows

Fun fact: The first ever drama roundup that I wrote was for 'Prison Playbook'!

It's really interestingcringy and funny to see the changes in how I write the post titles compared to then and now LOL
The post titles used to be soooo messy! (I'm so sorry you guys had to go through that ㅠㅠ)
But it's also nice to see that I was finally able to find my groove

In 2017, I finished the year with writing 119 posts
In 2018, I wrote a total of 574 posts ㅠㅠ
Although my posting schedule was a bit sporadic in 2018 due to school, work, and my personal life, I want to thank y'all for continuing to read this blog and for supporting me 
I know I always repeat myself but I'm always thankful for each and every comment, email, retweet, and follow I've had the honor of receiving throughout this journey
All of you guys make this journey so much more enjoyable for me, knowing that someone out there in Indonesia, Singapore, Europe, the U.S., etc is enjoying my translations ㅠㅠ

I never expected this blog to grow this much and every little accomplishment really encourages me more and more. Although there has been a few bumps along the way with some people reposting my translations without crediting me, translating my work without my permission, and having a few people being rude to me - y'all always helped me keep my head up and just continue along with this journey.
This blog has really become a part of my daily life. I catch myself checking Naver the moment I wake up and saving interesting articles throughout the day to translate for this blog.
Just like everyone else my age, I'm always updated with my emails because it's connected to my phone and when I visited my sister a few days ago, she asked me why my phone alerts go off at like 3 AM and I had to explain to her that it's because I'm getting notified about the comments that are being left on my blog LOL 

Once again...
Thank you for always being there for me and for supporting me when I go through my rough days
I honestly don't think I would've been able to grow this blog to what it is today without you guys - like if you asked me two years ago if I would've been able to write long ass article translations, I would've scoffed in disbelief LOL 
Because of your support and hilarious comments, I'm able to continue writing posts day after day.
Thank you for being on this journey with me and I can't wait for the years ahead of us
Thank you for reading, commenting, and supporting me.
It really means a lot.
I hope you all have an amazing week and for all my fellow college students, I hope you have an amazing school semester/quarter, don't stress too much!

우리 또 보자~ 
(t/n: let's meet again~; uri ddoboja~)