Monday, January 21, 2019

[Article Translation] Tyler Rasch expresses his appreciation for Korea

During his appearance on Park Myung Soo's Radio Show, Tyler revealed that he recently graduated from grad school and started a business. Park Myung Soo asked him about his monthly income and Tyler said, "It's not like I'm currently signed to an agency right now and because I'm running a business right now, my earning are different at times. When I was living as a grad student, I had no financial freedom (money to spare) to the point where I would contemplate whether or not I can take the bus. It was when I was working as an intern, my scholarship was cut off so it was hard. Now I don't have those problems so I'm living comfortably."

When asked if he goes back to his hometown often, "My hometown is Vermont, that's in the northeast of the U.S. It's really a countryside. It difficult to go back often but when I was in grad school, I would go once a year. Now, I have a bit more leeway so I go back around two times a year." He was then asked if his family knows he's successful in Korea, "When I told them I shot a commercial in Korea, they told me not to come to the U.S. (laughs). When my parents came to Korea, they really liked it and they're making plans to visit again later."

Park Myung Soo then asked how he's so good at speaking Korean, "Before I came to Korea, I took an international studies class at the University of Chicago. At first, I studied Japanese but the language only has five vowels so it was boring. But Korean has a lot of consonants so verbally, it had a taste. It was interesting and I kept learning it."

When asked how he got the chance to make a TV appearance (Abnormal Summit), Tyler said, "When I was in grad school, there was a period where I couldn't even ride the bus (cause he had no money) but my older sister told me she was going to have a wedding in the U.S., at that time, I had no money to buy a plane ticket. I was trying to find a job where I can speak Korean but at a side dish store at the department store, there was an awesome part-time job where they would pay foreigners money if they posted pictures of themselves eating on social media. The production staff of 'Abnormal Summit' saw that and contacted me and that's how I made an appearance."

On the topic of knowing nine languages, "It's nine languages that I learned a couple of words through sampling. The languages I can confidently speak is English, Korean, and French. The languages I have difficulty speaking and know how to read it is Spanish and Portuguese. With Japanese, I can interpret it because I studied Chinese characters but I can't understand the language." 

Park Myung Soo then asked Tyler how old he was due to his lack of hair, Tyler said, "I'm 32. My dad and uncle are like this too (losing hair) so I'm thinking that it's destiny. They say my head is pretty so I'm just living on (laughs)"

Finally, Tyler said, "I hope stabilization comes into my life to the point where I can raise a dog. I think Korean people think about stabilization and avoid taking up challenges. It's alright to fail so I hope they at least trying doing something they like, even if it's small."

1. [+4279, -29] "Korean has a lot of consonants so verbally, it had a unique taste" ← A unique taste ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Choice of words that even a native speaker can't follow ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

2. [+2026, -24] I accidentally met in him real life, his personality is really the same as it is on TV and Tyler is like a fairy, I hope he does even more, more, more better in Korea!!

3. [+1862, -36] Myung Soo's 'Radio Show' is really fun.. Tyler became this popular because of a part-time job.. And he really seems like a Korean, I feel like he's really smart.. I enjoyed listening today..   

4. [+1571, -24] I really like Tyler~ When he first came out on TV, I was surprised when he said he lived in the Northeast... The word "northeast"...... (t/n: They're amazed that he knows the word) 

5. [+1250, -29] I hope they'll do 'Abnormal Summit' again but why aren't they doing it ㅠㅠ 

6. [+412, -1] He's not milking it just by using the foreigner buff. He studied a lot by speaking Korean more polished than a Korean person. He's likable because he has a smart fun to him  

7. [+250, -1] "So verbally, it had a unique taste"... "Stabilization in life where I can raise a dog"... A young man who's smart and even has a sense of responsibility... ☆