Thursday, January 31, 2019

[Article Translation] Her son receives a heart transplant and she leaves this world saving three lives

On the 31st, it was revealed that Kim Choon Hee, a mother of two, passed away on the 27th and donated her liver and kidneys. She ended up brain dead after an accident, she was 42 years old. Last year, Kim Choon Hee's 16 year old son received a heart transplant. But his mother suddenly became brain dead after an accident and their family decided on donating organs. It's an uncommon case in this country. 

Kim Choon Hee's son began a terminal life after being diagnosed with a rare heart disease last year. As time passed, his heart's functions rapidly worsened and he was in a state where there was no other treatment option besides a heart transplant. A heart is an organ that can't be donated by a living person. A donation is only possible if a person ends up in a brain dead situation and they're on their way to death. After a hard wait, the Kim family was able to receive a miraculous heart transplant after a person decided to donate their organs before dying. 

A year after this, as if it's irony of fate, Kim Choon Hee fell into a brain dead state after an accident and the family was on the other side making the decision to donate organs for other's lives. Kim Choon Hee was a mother who was mother thankful and happier than anyone else after her son received the transplant surgery. From being the recipient waiting earnestly for a donation, they're now people who need to make a decision of becoming an organ donor. Her family has learned how hard the decision is to become a organ donor, to save people whose names you don't even know. 

During her life, Kim Choon Hee said, "If I ever become brain dead, I want to donate my organs". Just like how her son gained a new life through the donation, she wanted to offer a helping hand to someone else. 

Her husband No Sung Kyu said, "Just like how our son received a new life, if my wife can save someone and gift them the same feeling (of receiving a new life), isn't this the best thing?" No Sung Kyu can't believe he has to bid farewell to his loving wife but he knows better than anyone else how precious donating organs are and how much of an amazing thing it is, so that's why he decided to donate her organs. Thanks to her, she was able to save the lives of three people. 

Kim Choon Hee's daughter said, "I talked a lot with my mom as if we were friends and I always felt that I was loved. I'm going to Seoul for college this year and I hated the fact that I would be far away from mom but I can't believe that she went to a place where I can't see her anymore. But just like how organ donation saved my little brother, I hoped that mom can live through someone else through organ donation so that's why I suggest organ donation to my family first."

Rest in peace, Kim Choon Hee. 

1. [+50, -0] They made a tough decision. She went to a better place. I hope the family can overcome this pain.

2. [+14, -0] Rest in peace. She's really admirable...  

3. [+11, -0] I admire her

4. [+9, -0] My heart really hurts, I'm honoring the deceased and her family!

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