Thursday, January 17, 2019

Advertisement and variety show requests come pouring in for actress Kim Seo Hyung

1. [+2255, -21] They say idols are good at acting but if you watch after watching actors like her, you can sense that they're helpless/there's no hope for them ㄷㄷ 
↪ [+260, -1] The other actors are good too but Kim Seo Hyung and Yum Jung Ah's acting is to the point where you get chills 

2. [+1449, -8] Seriously, it's acting no one else can replace  

3. [+1221, -9] If Kim Seo Hyung comes out as a villain, she'll be the ratings maker. 'Temptation of a Wife' and 'SKY Castle' 

4. [+747, -6] ㅋ She's re~~ally good at acting ^^ I completely trust Kim Seo Hyung's acting skills ♥ Yum Jung Ah and all the actors of the Castle and even the child actors, they're all really good at acting, going to watch it live today as well~

5. [+461, -8] She was really good at acting ven during "Min So Hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (t/n: Kim Seo Hyung would shout this often in the drama 'Temptation of a Wife', the ultimate makjang drama)

6. [+195, -0] What if she films a commercial for Eduwill? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (t/n: Eduwill is like a cram school that helps people earn certifications and civil service exams)

7. [+195, -4] I feel like if 'Knowing Bros' invites the five of them from 'SKY Castle' then the ratings will hit daebak