Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Actress Kim Seo Hyung looks back at her role as Kim Joo Young in 'SKY Castle', says it was a very lonely

During an interview with JTALK, Kim Seo Hyung said, "For a couple of months, I felt drained because of Kim Joo Young. It wasn't easy to challenge. I had to accumulate energy exclusively alone to express the character so I cried while looking at Kim Joo Young. Kim Joo Young isn't a woman you can just carelessly approach. To find the intersecting part with Kim Joo Young, it was hard to the point where I couldn't leave the house. It was really lonely." 

On her thoughts about the drama, she said, "When I looked at it as a viewer, I think 'SKY Castle' has the message that it is your life. Even if you're born as someone else's child, when you let out your first cry, I think you're born as a human being/own individual."

1. [+1647, -2] A genuine actor... Her words have quite a deep meaning and she's cool.

2. [+903, -4] I think the role of Kim Joo Young is impossible to replace......

3. [+629, -5] I think she was lonely because it's a role that took up all types of curses... But many people are praising your acting and supporting you so stay strong...

4. [+344, -2] She's really good at acting

5. [+205, -2] Cool woman!!!