Saturday, January 26, 2019

[Post-Drama Interview] Jo Jae Yoon believes 'SKY Castle' would've gone down a different path if it wasn't for Yum Jung Ah

'SKY Castle' is writing new history by becoming the highest rated drama in cable network history, but the drama now has two episodes remaining. There's a lot of anticipation surrounding the final episode and the ratings it'll record. On this topic, Jo Jae Yoon said, "Our goal ratings have already been surpassed. Personally, my goal rating for the last episode is 28.2%, it's also because the actors made a bet on the ratings (laughs). If it's 28.2%, I don't think that record will be surpassed for a while. While reading the script for episode 19, I thought that we could surpass 25%. It made you curious until the very end." 

'Chaser', 'Gu Family Book', 'Empress Ki', 'Descendants of the Sun', 'Save Me', 'Defendant', and 'SKY Castle' - all these dramas Jo Jae Yoon has appeared in has been successful and for the reason behind the success, the actor said it was due to teamwork. "If I look back at the dramas that were successful, the actors and staff's teamwork was really good. They wrote a good script and at a stage where it was well-made, they asked the actors and the actors expressed (the script, the acting) more than what was expected. It was a drama where everyone's teamwork fit well and even after we wrapped up, we're still maintaining the relationship." Jo Jae Yoon then said that 'SKY Castle' is in the same situation, "When I first read the script, I read the script for episode 1 and 2 and it was really fun. The ratings for the premiere was 1% but I believed in the script's strength. Starting from episode 2, the ratings shot up and it's still doing well till now. Yum Jung Ah played a big role. If it wasn't for Yum Jung Ah, I think 'SKY Castle' would've gone down a different path. As Yum Jung Ah accurately established the character, the other characters were able to get established. Just like how it's the beginning that is important when you build a pretty tower, Yum Jung Ah was able to stack up the stepping stones well. 

In the interview, Jo Jae Yoon praised child actors Lee Yoo Jin, who plays his son Soo Han, and Lee Ji Won, who plays Kang Ye Bin, "Lee Yoo Jin said that 'SKY Castle' is his debut work but he performed that well. The producer said that he meticulously did the audition and he said he was surprised because he even resembles me. If I had to choose first place, I would say it's Lee Ji Won. She's an elementary school student but she has a lot of aegyo, she's very well-prepared. She's a gifted actor, I was really in awe."

When asked about his thoughts on a second season, he said, "I think it'll finish with season 1. It's good to leave when the drama receives applause." 

1. [+3193, -50] No, Yum Jung Ah was important but Kim Jung Nan's (t/n: Young Jae's mom) inspiring acting in episode 1 and 2 is the very person that made 'SKY Castle' what it is right now...
↪ [+530, -4] I agree with this too.. They were able to successfully gain attention because of Kim Jung Nan.
↪ [+169, -4] Because the middle-aged actors are all firm/strong, you can't help but have the the immersion go up 
↪ [+153, -9] Rather than it being because of the inspiring performance, the main reason is because the first episode ended in a suicide
↪ [+227, -3] After watching the ending for episode 1, you can't help but watch episode 2

2. [+895, -10] Jo Jae Yoon-ssi, your acting was really good. I'm sad that it's already ending ㅠ

3. [+919, -35] Yum Jung Ah is 50% of 'SKY Castle' 
↪ [+58, -5] Teacher Kim Joo Young is 40%
↪ [+94, -3] The 'SKY Castle' parents are all good at acting, do you just have to give credit to someone, I like it because everyone is good at acting (t/n: I agree but this reminded me of the Victoria Justice meme LOLOL)

4. [+598, -9] All the actors are seriously 100 out of 100!!!!! Especially Yum Jung Ah... No matter when or where, I want to see her receiving the best actress award

5. [+293, -12] Mi Hyang-ah... No, I mean, Seo Jin-ah, please save our son... That's right! Our Seo Jin-ie isn't Kwak Mi Hyang! You didn't sell ox blood! Please save our Woo Joo now...