Friday, January 4, 2019

Actor Shin Dong Wook's father and uncle share their side of the story regarding the grandfather's scam accusations

OSEN conducted an interview with Shin Dong Wook's uncle on the 3rd. His uncle said, "For 10 years, I haven't had any interactions with my father. Last year, he told me to come to his house because he's going to divide his assets but as a meaning of telling him that I don't need it (the grandfather's assets), I sent him a document to renounce his assets/inheritance." OSEN notes that the uncle showed a copy of the document on his cellphone. 

The uncle continued, "If my father divides his assets, in his child's position, you can receive a lot of money but why is it that we chose not to receive it. It's not just one person but all five siblings don't live with our father and we also don't even interact with him (t/n: in the original interview, he literally said that the five siblings don't look at their father's face - meaning they don't interact with one another). To my father, he's always in first place (t/n: meaning, to his father, he's his main priority). Even when we were working, if he called us over, we had to go." 

Shin Dong Wook's father said, "When Dong Wook overcame CRPS and made a comeback, he was filming the drama 'Live' and whether it was early morning or night, if his grandfather called him - he went down to see him. His own body is hurting but he took his grandfather to the hospital. Because he was so good to his grandfather, I was thankful as a father. Right now, even if Dong Wook said he'll return the inheritance he received to the grandfather, he's (the grandfather) not taking it back. Dong Wook also said that he'll return it (the assets) whenever the grandfather wants it back. The inheritance/assets isn't father's motive. I cut ties with him for six years and he wants to call me but he's dragging his grandson into it. I think he's thinking, 'I'm messing with your child so you'll show up'. I think he thinks that I'll show up to settle it." The uncle agreed with Shin Dong Wook's father's words and said, "Money isn't father's motive. Dong Wook isn't a child who would lust after his grandfather's assets. Father's motive is hyung (Shin Dong Wook's father). I feel like he released an article related to Dong Wook, who's his son and an actor, to get back in touch with hyung (Shin Dong Wook's father) who is the oldest child. We didn't know anything until articles were published. To be honest, as a son, my heart hurts so much that the situation became like this with my father. But it's true that I suffered because of my father and I was sick of it."

On his thoughts about the articles being released on the 2nd about Shin Dong Wook allegedly scamming his grandfather, Shin Dong Wook's father said, "I don't know if it's right to publish an article that's only about one side's claim without even asking the family's opinion... It was really flabbergasting. I'm 65 years old and I have a life that I've lived up to until now. I'm not doing an interview to attack my father. I'm revealing everything to reveal the truth."

1. [+18613, -390] Sometimes there are fathers you're better off not having as a father, for the people who haven't experienced it, keep your mouth shut
↪ [+440, -8] I agree
↪ [+108, -1] I agree 2

2. [+8275, -257] I feel like if his biological children are talking about it to this point then the grandfather isn't normal either, I don't know about it (the situation) just yet   

3. [+8145, -175] There's a reason when all your children turn their backs on you  

4. [+7666, -163] Although I don't know the exact details about the inside story, I have a rough assumption after seeing how he's trying to interfere with his grandson's future - who barely made a comeback after being sick 

5. [+4937, -180] How family has one too. People who power trip with an elderly's inheritance... Only my parents are breaking their backs. I understand Shin Dong Wook. Elderly people ㅠ You can't communicate with them, they make unreasonable demands, they yell - try living with them you people who are leaving comments. There are a lot of eccentric elderly people. Don't just say shit, leave hate comments after you've experienced it, I'm getting pissed off after reading it.

There's another article about this interview but most of the comments are asking why Shin Dong Wook's girlfriend is involved and why she evicted the grandfather.