Monday, January 14, 2019

Popular child YouTuber's ASMR video gets deleted again

NOTE: Her channel is focused on ASMR eating videos, based on various screenshots, she usually eats alone in a room - she currently has 687k subscribers. I won't be posting pictures of her from the article and please don't ask me to share a link to her channel. 

1. [+5412, -167] How disgusting, if you get pushed over by someone else then you should be thinking about putting in more effort, why are you holding a kid back (t/n: This commenter is calling out other users who are reporting the kid’s videos and saying if someone else is doing better than you than they should think about putting in more effort to get to the same place instead of holding people back) 

2. [+5782, -909] I wish kids wouldn’t do things like this 
↪ [+263, -46] I feel like the people who watch this are weirder. If she received no attention than she wouldn’t be doing it either...

3. [+3784, -230] The people who like listening to a little kid eat are strange, the people who are mass reporting the video are also strange, and it's also strange that the video was deleted immediately after it was reported 

4. [+2959, -212] Why do they listen to people eat..?

5. [+877, -115] At this rate, isn't YouTube in the wrong instead of the reporters for deleting because it received reports?

6. [+771, -46] It's not because I'm envious but as a parent, I'm concerned. The child might simply think people are going wild because of her eating and sound, and she might think it's fun and have interest but to the parents of the kid simply think that people are thinking that and listening to the video? For me, if anyone watches my kid or listens to them because of malicious intent, I wouldn't be doing this (making ASMR videos)

7. [+487, -23] It seems like only that kid and her parents don't know it but these types of videos are very popular amongst pedophiles and that's probably why it's being deleted by the censors.