Wednesday, January 30, 2019

[Partial Article Translation] Actress Bae Doona talks about being involved in an acting controversy for the first time in her career with her performance in 'Kingdom'

20 years after her debut, 'Kingdom' is actress Bae Doona's first sageuk (historical/period drama). On the topic of watching herself in the sageuk, Bae Doona said, "Even I thought it was funny when I watched it. It was nothing while filming but after watching the footage, it was strange. It made me wonder how strange the audience felt. (Because I've never done it before) it can't help but be strange and awkward. I was at the crossroads where I was either going to carry that and go or not go. If I want to act for a longer time, I thought that I have to become stronger so I thought that I had to carry it." 

On the topic of being involved in an acting controversy for the first time in her career, the actress said, "I'm not sad about it at all. The response to my acting is divided, the people who don't like it will think that I'm acting in a way they don't like. I think liking acting is a person's preference. When I received good reviews with no controversies during those times, I thought, "It's not good to that point". When I experience an acting controversy, I thought, "That's right, you should experience it." I feel comfortable. On one hand, the thing I'm proud of is that I clearly knew a controversy like this would happen - I can make a living out of something I'm good at but I think it's cool that I can boldly take up the challenge of doing something I'm not good at (laughs)."

1. [+278, -48] Of course. The actor, themself, mustn't be sad. The viewers who are watching are sad.

2. [+176, -23] We're not even sure if the sageuk accent that we know and are familiar with was used during those times and I question whether Seo Bi, who was from a lower class and a common subject, would've spoke in the same way as the high aristocrats. From that point, Bae Doona's acting wasn't bad and I see that her pronounciation wasn't a big issue either? But, the issue was the Queen (t/n: The Queen is portrayed by actress Kim Hye Jun, her acting isn't getting good responses...)

3. [+97, -7] The zombies are better at acting ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+107비공감30] Is that something a professional should say ㅋㅋ
↪ [+25, -2] You only read the article title, right?

5. [+31, -1] Young Shin... Kim Sung Kyu's acting was awesome ㅠㅠ

Did anyone else watch this?
I think my expectations were too high LOL
It kinda disappointed me and I'm not here for it ending on a cliff-hanger with 6 episodes...
I don't think her acting was bad but I can see why some viewers thought her sageuk accent/tone was awkward.
Heo Jun Ho's appearance was awesome and Kim Sung Kyu killed it in his role!
But the Queen...
She's a whole different story...
Gurrrrrrlll I don't want to see her in another sageuk LOL