Monday, January 28, 2019

[Video Report Translation] Controversy surrounds Seungri's club as news outlets report about an assault case that has occurred there

Link to MBC News Desk's report - Video (YouTube). I'll be translating the video directly, since that's the original report - this incident occurred on November 24, 2018.

Anchor: A customer in his 20s was attacked by a group of security guards at a club, he was hurt to the point where multiple ribs were broken but the police that arrived at the scene didn't arrest the person who hit the victim and only arrested the victim who was hit. After confirming the CCTV of this incident, there's many things about the police's action that doesn't make sense. Journalist Lee Moon Young is exclusively covering this incident.

Journalist Lee Moon Young's voice over of the CCTV footage: This is a club in Seoul Gangnam Yeoksam-dong. The security guards are dragging out a man and they make him fall by tripping him. A staff member of the club grabs a hold onto the man's hair, who's sitting on the floor, hits him in the face, drags him out to the street, trips him again, and assaults him with his fists. The person hitting is the club's director Jang and the person getting hit is the 29 year old customer Kim Sang Kyo. 

The club director Jang falls over after being caught by Kim Sang Kyo's hand (Kim Sang Kyo was still laying on the street), Jang takes off his clothes because it seems like he hasn't let go of his anger and begins assaulting 

The club security guards hold onto Kim Sang Kyo and help club director Jang hit Kim Sang Kyo. 

Kim Sang Kyo: The guards helped him and one person was actively hit me. It was humiliating. Everyone was watching and I remember it, vividly. When I felt down onto the asphalt... 

Journalist Lee Moon Young: Kim Sang Kyo was hit eight times in his head area and abdomen and broke three of his ribs. [Back to CCTV footage] As the security guards and club director Jang goes back inside the club, Kim Sang Kyo called the police. The police arrive at the scene 10 minutes later but after the police talks with the club staff, the police suddenly handcuffs Kim Sang Kyo - the person who called the police. 

Kim Sang Kyo: They tried to handcuff me first without any reason. They just treated me like a drunk person and the guards said, "We never hit him". So I told them to let me go and said, "I'm the person who reported it but why are you trying to arrest me". 

Journalist Lee Moon Young: The police didn't even try to go inside the club to look for club director Jang, the person who assaulted Kim Sang Kyo and they didn't even check the CCTV that recorded the situation. 

Kim Sang Kyo: The police didn't listen to me. I protested because they wouldn't listen to me so I told them to check the CCTV, because the CCTV is here.... 

Journalist Lee Moon Young: It's not just this, when they notified club director Jang to come to the precinct to get investigated, they didn't call him directly but delivered the notification to the club staff. 

Former club employee/witness: Jang disappeared off somewhere but a person who's the manager level for the guards called him and said, "The police came by" and Jang said, "Okay, I'll come by". 

Journalist Lee Moon Young: This is the arrest document the police sent Kim Sang Kyo. Kim Sang Kyo who was assaulted is listed as the perpetrator while the club director Jang, who was the person hitting, is listed as the victim. While club director Jang was attacking Kim Sang Kyo, he fell over after being caught by Kim Sang Kyo's hand but after hearing this from the club's reps, they switched the victim and perpetrator. So I asked the club and the police why they did this. 

The club's reps said, "Kim Sang Kyo got into a riff with another customer over whether he sexually harassed someone or not, we dragged Kim Sang Kyo, who was pointed out as a sexual harasser, outside and hit him." When I asked, if Kim Sang Kyo was called out for sexual harassment, you could've reported to the police, why did the club director interfere and hit him, the club reps said, "He did that because he got mad that Kim Sang Kyo cussed while he was trying to not get dragged out". 

The police revealed that they arrested Kim Sang Kyo because while they were on dispatch, Kim Sang Kyo kicked over the trashcan in front of the club with his feet and was cussing so they arrested him on charge of obstruction of business. The party involved with the police said, "During a very upset state, Kim Sang Kyo threw trash and kicked something over, and was interfering with the club's business. On the club's side, they claimed obstruction of business and while being restrained, he was being noncompliant so he was arrested."

The police is currently investigating both assaults and they're also investigating Kim Sang Kyo's alleged sexual harassment that occurred inside the club. 

1. [+16162, -896] Seungri don't come out on TV now
↪ [+543, -967] Seungri didn't even do it, what's all the fuss
↪ [+2812, -72] As the CEO, he should've taken responsibility. He's putting out his name and as much as he promotes it, he should show that kind of attitude but two months has already passed since this case occurred but it's now becoming public,,,
↪ [+1540, -30] The company director did this but do you think Seungri who's the CEO wouldn't have known? I heard women getting sexually harassed isn't something that happened just once or twice

2. [+12612, -77] What's the relationship between the club and the police ㄷㄷㄷ Are they very close?? They need to investigate this

3. [+7819, -141] It's YG again ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+6388, -68] Are they gangsters or cops

5. [+5056, -47] They're going crazy, don't leave anything out and investigate all of them, you crazy bastards 

6. [+4032, -51] They drugged a girl's drink, dragged her out, and raped her ㅋㅋㅋ The victim who was trying to save her was assaulted and was also assaulted by male police officers, is this a country (t/n: This is alleged, there's no reports confirming this) ㅋㅋ It sounds like something that'll come out in a movie; is this really 2019

1. [+7841, -35] The video where the security guard bastard is dragging out an unconscious girl came out, wow I'm seriously getting so fucking pissed off 
↪ [+73, -1134] But what does this have to do with Seungri? If Seungri was the owner of a KBBQ restaurant and a customer got into a fight with the employee at the restaurant, would it be a situation where Seungri had to get shitted on? This is a case that's irrelevant to Seungri oppa
↪ [+390, -3] He's the CEO
↪ [+928, -12] You idiots, what did Seungri say on 'I Live Alone'? Did he not say that he manages all of the businesses that has his name on it? Then that means this all occurred under Seungri's management 

2. [+7097, -196] The people who are saying what wrong did Seungri do in this situation are honestly disgusting... There's interview material where your Seungri says he's the CEO and he personally manages all of it, what are you saying

3. [+5049, -47] Am I the only one disgusted by the police's behavior

4. [+3619, -46] The standard of Korea's gyunchal is amazing, woof woof~ (t/n: gyunchal (견찰) is a derogatory term for the police (경찰). It's a mix of dog and police)

5. [+2276. -321] I'm still going to stan YG idols even after this because I'm a dog pig ^^ (t/n: They're being sarcastic)

6. [+1465, -9] It seems like the victim was trying to help the girl. But if he turns into the perpetrator like this then who would think of helping others during a dangerous situation in the future? News like this is really heart breaking. I hope the truth comes out!!    

1. [+2531, -13] The police is investigating the police ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ How do we live trusting these police officers   

2. [+1369, -199] Who can trust a male police officer investigating another male police officer ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ How do we know if they also received money or something else?

3. [+1108, -6] This isn't even a movie or something... Is this really Korea 2019, there's no hope for these bastards at Yeoksam Police Station

4. [+1066, -191] I can't trust a male police officer investigating another male police officer... There's a lot of incidents for male police officers and it seems like they're all buried... Seriously who can we trust to take care of police issues..? Please fire all those people, I really can't trust male police officers these days

5. [+458, -7] They made the victim into the perpetrator, do a thorough investigation!!