Thursday, January 17, 2019

[Post-Drama Interview] Song Gun Hee reveals that he didn't expect to get the role of Young Jae

JTBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'SKY Castle' started off with ratings in the 1% but with the intensity of episode 1 and 2 and the actors' gripping performance, packed storyline, and more - the drama currently propelling up to ratings in the 15%. On top of this, there's various parodies and even their refreshing OST is a hit, it's literally settling down as a 'hit drama'. 

In 'SKY Castle', Song Gun Hee plays the role of Park Young Jae, the only child of Lee Myung Joo (Kim Jung Nan) and Park Soo Chang (Yoo Sung Joo). As soon as Young Jae gets accepted into Seoul National University College of Medicine, tragedy strikes the family. 

Song Gun Hee who participated in the interview while the drama is currently airing said, "I'm happy I was able to be a part of a good drama. I don't know what's going to happen but I would like to do it well until the end." 

'SKY Castle' receives a lot of attention with every episode, so how do the actors feel about the popularity? Song Gun Hee said, "At the beginning, I was going to the set and home so I didn't realize the popularity. When I ride the bus or subway, people around me notice me and say, "Oh, it's Young Jae!" When that happens, I think that 'SKY Castle' is really popular." 

Especially for the rookie actors who are playing the roles of the children of 'SKY Castle', because they all beat an intense competition of 200:1, although they're young, their acting skills aren't any less of the veteran actors. When Song Gun Hee looked back at when he first auditioned, "To be honest, I looked at all the audition script for the roles of Woo Joo, Seo Joon, and Ki Joon. But as soon as I saw the script, I was really drawn to Young Jae's character. I really wanted to try hard at expressing Young Jae."

When asked if he expected to get the role, he said, "Not at all. I didn't even think I'd get it. I thought, let's just do the best I can do. When I went to the second round of auditions, I was honestly greedy and really anxious. But I think I was able to follow the director's instructions well. I had a lot of conversations with the director about Young Jae's character. I think those factors played a part on me getting the role.

Song Gun Hee revealed that he heard about getting the role in a public restroom, "I was happy, I yelled really loud. Everyone was surprised but I was really happy. I was really happy on the way home."     

1. [+933, -9] Young Jae is really good at acting

2. [+550, -6] I can't forget the scene where Young Jae and his father reunite again! It really seems like they made him suffer a lot, I feel like he expressed Young Jae really well! Actor-nim, I'll be looking forward to your acting in the future as well :)
↪ [+24, -1] Why did I tear up when the dad ran outside without wearing his shoes ㅠ

3. [+254, -5] Seriously the shape of his mouth keu.... (t/n: I'm pretty sure these commenters are saying they like his lips/mouth LOL)

4. [+163, -3] He's lucky he was able to do a good drama. The shape of his eyes are really charming, I'm only looking forward to watching the drama live today 

5. +90, -3] He was able to express it well charmingly~~ Let's meet again with your next project